Play Crazy Taxi Online

Who knew that driving over other cars was an option? In the Flash game Crazy Taxi, your mission is to get your passenger to the destination of their desire in record time. Forget waiting in heavy traffic spread across the streets of San Francisco – now you can use your taxi's special ability to climb over the heap of cars in your way! Get your customer to where they want to go or face dire consequences!

Another day, another dollar. Taxi drivers spend countless hours driving the public around, only to get little thanks for their job. All customers can do is complain about fares and taxi conditions. It's time to give your all and prove that you are the best taxi driver the world has ever seen and that you'll get your customers to their destination on time... no matter what.

It's called Crazy Taxi for a reason: your character is a downright lunatic! Forget everything you knew about the rules of the road. You'll be tasked with taking whatever crazy maneuvers you need to in order to beat the clock. If you do it particularly fast, you'll earn bonus points that you can use to upgrade your beat up piece-of-junk vehicle.

The control setup is pretty laid back. Up/down are used to accelerate/deccelerate, while left and right let you change lanes accordingly. The space bar lets you jump over other cars. You get extra points for every time you play this bizarre leap-frog move. There's also the ability to bump other cars and flip them off in a majestic display of roadrage.

Navigating is easy when you have a bright green arrow hanging over your head. Take a wrong turn, and it will reroute you without losing a beat. It's a darn sight better than GPS. Unfortunately, players lose a portion of their fare or bonus points for taking wrong turns. The game requires an amount of skill, one that rewards players more for driving carefully than carelessly.

It makes us a bit sad to learn that the game rewards you more when you drive like a sane person instead of when you pull outrageous maneuvers. The game is called Crazy Taxi, isn't it? Shouldn't the goal be to drive as crazy as possible? But we digress.

The graphics are a bit of a disappointment and look like an early version of the Sims games. They're not absolutely horrible, but they could use some improvement. The controls are incredibly easy to learn though, so even the worst drivers can get a handle on this game pretty quickly.

Through all of it, Crazy Taxi still manages to crash into our hearts as a delightfully ludicrous game that provides endless entertainment. It's easy to get lost in the wonderful feeling of destroying buildings and smashing up bridges in a virtual world when you can't in reality. This game will have you coming back time after time for more zany antics and crazy taxi driving!